Friday Five

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1.  Took two new classes at Tanglewood this week.  I don’t know for sure which one kicked my butt worse…the weights class or cardio class today.

2.  Took a wreath making class with Lynne this week.  This is our annual thing.  I like the wreath I made.  I cut some extra greens from our yard…boxwood and cedar and added it to the wreath.

IMG_8993 IMG_26033.  Got my sewing machine out this week.  I promised Marlene I would make her a runner for her table.  Picked out some fabric….it’s in the works.  Hope to get in the mail and delivered by Thanksgiving.

4.  As you know, we attended the Veteran’s Day ceremony with Mother this week.  We will attend another ceremony with her on Monday — the opening of the WWII Nurses Exhibit.

5.  It actually was a nice paced week.  Didn’t have too many appointments.  Spent time at home.  Got some knitting and sewing in.  Relaxed a bit.  Not real happy about the snow but we live in Michigan so I will accept it and keep my mouth shut.  Otherwise, all is well here.  No big weekend plan.  Going to dinner with Norm and Linda tonight – JW’s in Grand Haven. Church tomorrow.   Have a good weekend!


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