This and That!

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One holiday down, one to go with only 24 days in between. From what I gathered, everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving meal very much. A break in tradition resulted in pleasure for everyone.


Ginny came over this weekend. She taught me how to crochet. I made this cowl yesterday.

IMG_2665.JPG It was quite fun and went fast. Black Friday, Lynne and I went to Grand Haven. I spent three dollars. I bought a birch log.

IMG_2666.JPG Richard cut it and drilled holes for tea lights in the top. Cute, huh! Started just a tad bit of decorating…..

IMG_2667.JPG Ouch….jammed my finger in my weights class today…how I don’t know? But it hurts.

IMG_9233.JPG Cold here….19 degrees for a high…

IMG_9158.JPG Thankful the Bywaters are home safe and sound. Sending positive thoughts to Orlando….hoping Mike’s return to work goes well and he is able to pace himself and learn to relax and deep breathe throughout the day!



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