Busy Days

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Well, we had the greatest news ever on our sister.  Things are looking positive for her.  We got to get this girl cleaned up now!  Post surgical wrap…time to break out the new bra!

Many appointments to schedule now for her for treatments.

Dawn will be coming home next Tuesday.  This is wonderful.  She’s been in facilities since January 7th!

I went to the dentist yesterday.  Had a crown, ugh.  Got my first one at 40 and number two at 60.  So I guess number three not for another 20 years….80!… Can you imagine?

We went to the Knights for a relaxing cocktail and burger last night.  I was sitting at the bar drinking my vodka and tonic, chatting away and Stevie came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder.  The gal that was suppose to take orders for burgers was sick…so, would I please help them out!  So much for the relaxation.  I might as well delete that word from my vocabulary!

Today….I’m off and running.  Haircolor at 9 am, stop by Maggie’s after, 11:30 appointment in Grand Haven then back to the Knights…..need to make 10 cakes for the fish fry tomorrow.  Mom needs to go grocery shopping.

Tomorrow…..starting with a massage….knots in shoulders are turning to boulders.  Hope to get a few walks in…the weather has been sunny…can’t say warmer but its not single digits so thats progress.

In between I got boxes going for Goodwill, yard sale, and keep.  I’m a hoarder.  Got to stop the madness.  Gave. Maggie a cool Carl mixing bowl.  See you should be my neighbor!  You’d get good stuff when I get in my moods. I’ve sold a bunch of stuff on ebay too.  

Enjoy today!  Be thankful for your health!  We are blessed!


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