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It’s August 31, like the end of summer.  I can’t hardly believe it.  Summer flew by and seems like we hardly did a thing.  Very little camping, no trips, just hanging out around home pretty much.  That’s O.K. As we have a lot ahead of us!

We are heading to Charleston S.C. The first week of October then onward to Orlando!  I’m lookimg forward to watching Erik in the marching band.  Captain Erik that is! 

Then as most of you know, we’re spending three months in Cocoa Beach this winter.  I can’t believe Richard agreed to it.  I’m a little nervous…it’s a long time to be away from the comfort of my own home!

The last of the blueberries to pick was Saturday.  Richie went out and picked about four lbs.  tried out a delicious recipe.  Blueberry Delight!  Sorry if you weren,t one of the lucky ones to get a piece.

  Fall is in the air.  Trees are really staring to turn, no lie.  The sun …….that’s the telltale sign.  Its just further away.  Today was a gorgeous day.  Like 76 degrees and still, calm, perfect.

Ground beef is on sale this week.  I know it sounds stupid but I bought 12 pounds and wrapped it up in 1.5 pound packages.  It’s like $2 a pound cheaper this week.   So what does one do with ground beef.  Well today I made a family favorite, with deliveries to Mother and. Maggie.  Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.  Richard thought he was in heaven…he called it a gourmet meal! Ha!


Cut a few flowers today. How can this be so gorgeous?  My zinnias are slowing down. Now that makes me sad.  They thrilled me with so much beauty this summer.


Well, tomorrow is September 1st.  We have some family birthdays coming up!!!!  Ginny and Phil…yikes Phil is officially Medicare age..HA!  Also Jackie and I’m Adam!  Let’s not forget them ! 

Richie and I, along with three other couples, are headed to the Bridge for the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk on Labor Day!

Well, that’s it for now.  How’s that for an update?


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