Farmers Market end result

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We went to the Farmers Market this morning.  On the list cabbage, cauliflower, and red onions.

I’m on a roll right now, not sure why.


I know these don’t look like Mothers as they are the tomato version.  They are delicious.  I bought two heads of cabbage, thus tomorrow its the swedish version.  I think i got 16 out of this batch.  Sending some to mother for her freezer, some to Norm and Linda, and the rest go in the freezer for us.

Now onto the red onions.  My friend Lynne sent me a recipe for pickled onions.  I made a batch of pickled beets and they are delicious!  So trying my hand on pickled onions…..good for burgers, salads, etc.  If you want a jar, let me know.


Onions, white wine vinegar, a tad bit of sugar, spices, red pepper flakes…sounds delicious.

Nice day today, hit 85.  How can this be? Last week at this time we had our furnace on….today, air conditioning.  Maybe we should rethink the camping gig!

Til next time……xoxo


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