Friday Funday

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Bingo was fun last night!  I won $5.00.  The jackpot was $75. Worth going again.  Lot of people and was kinda fun.  Beats watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

Went to a flea market today.  It was awful.  Junk galore.  Oh well, you don’t know until you check it out.  We found a nice little community…Vierra.  They had a nice shopping area.  Could have bought a ton of stuff for condo….

Weather was overcast all day but it was 70 so it was good.  We went past Patrick Air Force base.  There was a big ol’ plane sitting there…said United States of America on it.  Could have been an AirForce One.

I think Mike and Marlene a re coming over tomorrow and spending the night.  Hope we can get in some good beach time.  I forgot to mention there are hermit crabs running all over the beach.  I’m scared…they kinda look like terranculas to me.

have a good weekend everyone.  I’ll be in touch!



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  1. Wear boots while on the beach . . . everyone will know you are from Michigan!
    You’ll get a “farmer’s tan” on your ankles . . . but no bites from the crabs!


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