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Well we didn’t win the Powerball. We bought our ticket at Publix but not in Melbourne…dang it. Life will go on.

Still cool here but did buck up and walked the beach. It wasn’t too bad. Not sunny enough to get out in the sun though.


Richie and I headed down to the local bar…the one that I thought was scary. I was reassured that its safe by a restaurant owner.

Nice little place. Friendly people. The owner is from Jackson Hole!
Met a nice couple from Minnesota…Kathy and Tim.

Well, Bingo tonite…excited!

May head to Orlando for happy hour with Mike and Marlene. Its suppose to be very stormy tomorrow. If its yucky out, we won’t head over…could be 50 mph winds.

Bob and Mary arrive Saturday evening. Lee and Sue not able to come…Lee is having some health issues.

Anyone up there win at least a million on their PB numbers?


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  1. I hope it warms up a bit for you.
    Too bad your friends couldn’t make it . . . Enjoy Bob and Mary . . .
    We had some sunshine today . . .


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