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Catching a little bit for not keeping everyone updated. We’ve been on the go. Norm and Linda don’t sit.

Let’s see….we’re moving to June’s tomorrow until the 17th. She’s so excited to have us. We were there for a drink a few nites ago. She loves us.


Monday we were invited to join Mike and Marlene at Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center for the 2Cellos. They were amazing. A bit loud, but amazing.

It’s been very cool and windy. Waiting for a warm day. Went to see the HGTV Dream Home on Merritt Island. OMG along the way there were gorgeous, huge homes…million dollar homes…unbelievable. I asked who lived there…Mel Gibson, NASA engineers, surgeons (per the sheriff). There was a sheriff at the house guarding. I walked up to his car and chatted it up. He said there is so many people wanting to see the house, they have 24 hr. Police security. I asked if I could take a picture. He said yes from where we were chatting. He’s the one that gabe me info about the homes. He’s my new BFF. I’m going to go back and bring him a coffee and donut. We works 6-2pm daily. He said he would invite me for dinner if he wins the house.
We’ve been buzzing around…checking things out.

Tonight we went to Bonefish Grill for Bang Bang Shrimp. So good. Shared a creme brulee between four of us.

Went to the knit shop today. Trying a new project. Barbie outfits.image

Hope to get out into the sun tomorrow. I think it should be 70 tomorrow! YIPPEE!

I know you miss me….! Xoxo


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