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As many of you are aware, Phil has been diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer.  He has melanoma, which is likely from a tumor he had removed 24 years ago. The cancer is also present in his lung and liver.

He has chosen Lack’s Cancer Center in Grand Rapids for his treatment.  He has met with Dr. Chen, medical oncologist.  Dr. Chen has recommended radiation therapy for his brain tumors first.  Once that is completed, he will initiate treatment for the liver and lung.  Either immunotherapy or oral medication will most likely be the treatmemt modality for those areas.

we met with Dr. Kane, Radiation Oncologist today.  Phil felt very comfortable with him.  Dr. Kane explained the whole radiation process to us, as well as what to expect as far as side effects and outcomes of treatment.  Phil will received ten treatments.  Five days a week for two weeks.  Side effects will be fatigue, he will lose his hair, and itchy skin on his head and perhaps slight headaches.  His treatmemts will be five minutes each of intense radiation to his full head.  Tomorrow he is being fitted for a mask …it will be molded to his head/face. He will wear this for his treatmemts to prevent burning of his skin and to keep movememt non-existent.  We anticipate his treatmemts to begin next week.

The treatmemt team appears to be extremely knowledgeable and they certainly have their act together.  Phil will be staying at Hope Lodge,(a housing facility funded by the American Cancer Society) for the duration of his treatment.  It is located a block from the hospital.  They will provide him with transportation, meals, lodging, etc for the 10 days of treatmemt.

Phil is feeling good at this point.  He has confidence in this team of caregivers and is ready to get things rolling.  I am going to encourage him to write on this blog during his stay in Grand Rapids.  It hopefully will keep up us in the loop of how things are going for him.

please feel free to write comments or questions so everyone is on the same page.  I am sending this to all family members so please bookmark and watch for updates.

Join me in thinking positive thoughts for Phil, sending good energy his way and wishing him strength as he embarks on this journey

wishing you all good things along this path, the middle sister!

Love Barbie





  1. Lindsey says

    Nice post barboo. Great idea to do this to easily keep all up to date. Thank you too, I know I couldn’t take this on my shoulders right now so I’m very happy you can do it. I’ve been taking many notes along the way so far, if you need any specific info that you are unsure of, get ahold of me!


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